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Spicy Miso

Spicy miso-flavored broth topped with spicy ground pork, corn, beansprouts, scallions, and nori.

House Ramen

Topped with Cha-Shu, egg bean sprouts, nori, corn, and scallions.

Tan Tan-Men

Spicy sesame-flavored soup topped with spicy ground pork and scallions.

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"The staff here was very nice. The takoyaki tasted really good, but be careful it's very hot. The ramen itself came in a very big portion, so great value. The broth itself tasted okay, wasn't very spicy."

Jon S.


"I’m an early eater so got there just at opening time. The waitress was very friendly and attentive. The house ramen was delicious, with a rich tasty broth, tender meat and perfectly cooked noodles. A great cheap eat in what turned out to be an expensive city to dine in, would highly recommend."

George J.


"Best food you'll have in your life. It is far from where I live but from time to time I allow myself a couple hours to make the trip there and back. The ramen is absolutely amazing! I wish they'd open more stores all over."

Angela M.

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